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Package 3. Afternoon, Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture

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3-4 hours

Join Sami guides for an unforgettable reindeer experience.

After a 25-minute drive from the city centre, you will visit their camp and have a chance to feed the herd of around 200 wild reindeer who will swarm all around and some will even eat from your hands. The reindeer and the Sami have been living and working on this land for centuries and they have only recently invited guests to be part of their daily life.

You will then be invited inside a gamme (a traditional sami hut) where you will be served warm drinks and a traditional Sami meal will be cooked over the fire (vegetarian option available).

After lunch you will be invited into a lavuu (Sami tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture and how it is to be a reindeer herder. The Sami guide will also perform a joik (traditional Sami song) for the guests.

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    3-4 hours

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    Daily from the 14.11.2017 until the 15.04.2018.

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    Radisson Blu hotel 13:00 hours

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    What is included?

    Transfer, guiding, warm overalls and boots if required, storytelling and joik, warm lunch, coffee and snacks.

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    What to bring yourself?

    Warm clothes (at least two layers), gloves and hat, good winter boots.

The itinerary will be:

– Pick up from Tromsø City Centre at 10 am and 25 min drive to Reindeer
– Feeding of wild Reindeer
– Guests can test lasso throwing (but not on real reindeer)
– A reindeer sledding ride
– Hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) around the fire inside a warm candle lit gamme (Traditional Sami Hut).
– Warm lunch of bidos (a traditional Sami soup) with more hot drinks and cookies (vegetarian option possible)
– Storytelling of Sami Culture
– A joik performance (traditional Sami folk song)
– 25 min bus ride back to Tromsø City Centre.
– Back in Tromsø at around 2pmm

Package 3. Afternoon, Reindeer Feeding and Sami Culture

1 090 kr


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Sjøgata 7,
Tromsø, Norway

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Grötsund fort
Tromsø, Norway